October 3, 2023 Leroy Hall

Why a Strong Brand is Important to a Startup Software Company

In a world brimming with digital innovation, Apple’s product launches have become more than just events; they are cultural phenomena. The recent unveiling of the iPhone 15 was no exception, capturing the attention of tech enthusiasts, consumers, and business owners alike. As the dust settles from the obvious announcement that Apple are switching to USB C, SaaS (Software as a Service) business owners are left with an intriguing question: What can we learn from Apple’s marketing wizardry and product unveiling prowess?

  1. Act Like You Invented Air

    The most crucial lesson from Apple’s product launches is to act like you’ve invented the very air we breathe. SaaS business owners, don’t just sell your product; sell the vision of a utopian future where your SaaS solution is the key to happiness, world peace, and finally figuring out how to fold a fitted sheet. Convince your customers that your product is the greatest thing since sliced bread, even if it’s just a better spreadsheet tool.

  2. But… Make Everyone Feel Like a Genius

    Apple doesn’t just sell products; it sells lifestyles. To do that, they make sure their users feel like absolute geniuses. SaaS business owners, apply this strategy by speaking to decision makers and influencers at their level. Ensure you have marketing assets for even the most difficult Pro-crastinator in the buying cycle.

  3. Show them iCloud Nine

    Apple’s marketing revolves around storytelling, and SaaS businesses can benefit by adopting a similar approach. Develop a compelling brand narrative that resonates with your target audience. Highlight the problems your SaaS solution solves and how it fits into your customers’ lives. Create a story that showcases the transformation your product enables, turning your brand into a memorable and relatable entity.

  4. Give Users Jobs. Fandom

    Apple has a devoted following that borders on cult-like, and you can have that too. Encourage your users to form a community around your SaaS product. Give them a shared identity, regular events that feel as comfortable as walking into an Apple Store, and above all, give them exclusive access to your inner circle.

  5. Siri-ously, Keep It Simple Stupid

    Apple’s marketing is known for its simplicity and clarity. SaaS businesses should aim to simplify their messaging as well. Avoid jargon and technical language that can confuse potential users. Clearly communicate the value proposition of your SaaS product in a concise and easy-to-understand manner. Make it crystal clear why your solution is a must-have for your target audience.

SaaS business owners can draw valuable lessons from Apple’s marketing strategies. By creating anticipation, crafting a compelling brand narrative, prioritizing user experience, building a loyal community, and simplifying messaging, you can elevate your SaaS business’s marketing efforts and create a lasting impact in the mind of prospective clients.

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